boneworks physics weapons

The acid rises in my throat simply recalling various vomitous moments while trudging through this title.

This article may contain affiliate links. I felt glorious. By more efficiently using the allocated forces for accelerating and breaking we’ve improved stability (good) without simply making the player stronger (cheating).

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Because I didn’t finish fast enough and the save points are frustratingly far apart. It might be technically a step forwards with all the physics interactions, but it’s a step backwards in terms of fun control, gameplay and interaction because of this imo.

In my other hand, I hold a key; however, I have zero idea what it opens or if it opens anything at all. They can be grabbed, thrown, and some can even be smashed. Utilize the environment (think climbing, jumping, swinging from pipes, planks, ropes, and so on) along with a plethora of cool objects you find (axes, sledgehammers, bricks, swords, automatic weapons, imaginary physics weapons) to engage in combat and to create your own solutions to sometimes complex problems in order to progress.


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