big boi blower vs metrovac

You should take into consideration what kind of realistic uses you want to use this equipment for, how long you’ll need to use the blower effectively, and how far you might be from a power source during this part of maintenance.

#5. Additionally, the pressurized air can reach in every possible space, ensuring that all of the water is blown dry before you drive your car. It’s easy to operate and designed to be as ergonomic as possible, even featuring a comfortable rubberized grip which reduces fatigue and chafing. You can fully adjust the speed control of this product and will give you 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, filtered air. This product offers high quality and high performance for a reasonable price. They don’t come in contact with the surface of your car, so there’s no threat of scratches, smears, or other damage to your car’s paint. you're making me want to save up and buy one! When this unit got labeled as multi-use, they meant it. That’s because this duster has two airflow speed settings, so when you don’t need to use its full power, you can dial it back a bit to keep from blowing your possessions away. BigBoi, the industry standard in touch free drying and washing. Do you want a small portable handheld device or are you ok with using a more robust product that you can easily maneuver on wheels?

You don’t want to go blowing any fuses and bearing in mind how powerful these devices can be, that’s easily done. The air of a leaf blower isn’t controlled like a car dryer, so you won’t be able to adjust the airflow and temperature. Interesting you bring up how well Aussie stuff's made. We thought we’d include something a little different for this listing so would like to present to you the Detail King Tornador Cleaning Tool. It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk. Additionally, Your Auto Wants participates in various other affiliate programs, and we may get a commission through purchases made through our links. Not bad for a product that is so small! Car dryer blowers are the solution for all your car drying worries. One of the most important aspects to consider when you’re shopping for a car dryer blower is the power of the unit. Literally! A leaf blower has a hard plastic tip - ideal for leafs but not so good for cars!

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You can use this car dryer to dry your car for a streak-free finish or to blow small nooks and cracks where water can collect. Today a contactless wash (snow foam) followed by hydrophobic active snow foam. With three changeable nozzles and a 2.5-meter long hose, you can get anything dry. This is especially true of stronger units, or if you want to use your dryer blower for other purposes that may not be able to endure such a high airflow. Whilst it’s not the cheapest product on our list we feel that you really get what you pay for with products like this and therefore you’re paying for extra quality. It has a maximum of 550 watts, but the ¾ horsepower brush motor only draws a low 4.5 amps to produce a 90 CFM airflow.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How much are you willing to spend? This car dryer has been built to last and has been manufactured from steel and features a heavy-duty hose and blower nozzle, air concentrator, air streamer tool, micro adapter and male-to-male adapter. With this car cleaning bundle you get a vacuum cleaner with a wet and dry setting as well as a blower.

The Best Steam Cleaners for Cars (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, The Best Car Vacuums (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, The Best Waterless Car Wash (Review) in 2020, The Best Car Detailing Kits (Review) in 2020, The Best Plastic Restorers (Review) in 2020, The Best Silicone Wiper Blades (Review) in 2020, Help us to show you If you leave your car to dry naturally you are likely to get streaks and water spots and that kind of defeats the object of washing your car. You also want to read customer reviews and check out the manufacturer’s and vendor’s customer service history.

On that same note though, you may want to be able to adjust the flow to some extent, which should be another element you keep an eye out for. It has a 7-foot power cord that’ll give you flexibility and reach, and it’s easy and lightweight to carry at just 15 inches long and 2.6 pounds in weight.

Plug your device in and wheel it to your vehicle (or carry it if it’s hand-held). A: The cigarette lighter in your vehicle has a relatively low voltage and car blowers use a lot of power.

But first, keep reading to discover our favorite car dryer blowers on the market: If you’re looking for a good quality car dryer that has been made in the USA, then this air force master blaster car dryer will not disappoint. Definitely one of the most reasonably priced products that we have seen on the market, this professional Beast Series Vacmaster Vac features a sturdy 5 gallon tank which is made from durable polypropylene. There’s a 15ft power cord included and rubberized attachments to fit into all of those difficult to reach places in your car without damaging surfaces if they accidentally come in contact. The MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick is fantastic for drying cars and motorcycles alike. You should, we met them at SEMA a few years back and they are super friendly and open to suggestions about how to improve their products. In our FAQ section we answer your most commonly asked questions and conclude by revealing our favorite car dryer blower from our list. With this car cleaning bundle you get a vacuum cleaner with a wet and dry setting as well as a blower. The power dryer from ZanGe serves a variety of purposes and uses around the home and garage.

We have about 4-5 of the side kicks at the shop and two of teh larger 4+4hp big blowers. This is additionally true if you want a blower you can use on the interior of the car as well. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good at drying vehicles. It’s great for drying vehicles as well as pets and will blow away any dust or debris you need to get rid of, including troublesome pet fur. This car dryer blower is capable of expelling 92.4 cubic feet of air per minute, and you can trust it on your car’s exterior thanks to the soft and flexible rubber nozzle.

May Have to Replace the Brush at Some Point. This professional-grade car dryer blower can blow air at any size or kind of vehicle, including cars, SUVs, and motorcycles to dry them in just seconds.

There are several metrovac master blaster products on the market, but this model is an updated version which boasts so much more.

Powerful Pneumatically Operated Suction Spray Gun.

The dryer comes with front-mounted swivel wheels which enable you to manoeuvre the car dryer blower with ease. After much deliberation, we chose the BISSELL Car Cleaning Bundle as our favorite product. BUT, keep in mind that it’s made in USA, so that means it sounds good, but reality is it only comes with a 1yr. Vacmaster Professional Car Dryer Blower. The company should be willing and able to stand behind their product with confidence in its quality. The BigBoi is a bit more expensive. There are two switches on the car dryer blower that allow you to set the airflow and temperature, so you can fully adjust the product to suit your exact needs. By emaxxman in forum Auto Detailing Tools and Accessories, Post Thanks / Like - 0 Thanks, 1 Likes, 0 Dislikes, Post Thanks / Like - 0 Thanks, 3 Likes, 0 Dislikes, Sales & Promotions - For forum members and non-forum members.

affiliate commission. Display4top Variable Speed High-Velocity Blower, Dryer Blower for a Car Buying Considerations, Best Home EV Chargers UK (Reviews) of 2020, 10 Issues & Challenges for the Adoption of EVs UK. We felt that it offered good value for money and we would always prefer to use a product that has multiple uses. A car dryer blower should have enough power to dry your car in a matter of minutes, and for that reason we chose this model for our list. It’s got a sponge within the unit that helps to minimize noise levels, and also comes with four changeable nozzle options for a variety of uses. If you want your car dried 75 percent quicker, this is definitely the way to go. Rubberized Attachments To Minimize Damage, Noise-Cut Technology For Quieter Experience. The first thing that you will need to check is if the car dryer is compatible with your electricity supply.


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