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When firing main gun: 30% (60%) chance to launch a frontal Sanshikidan barrage (number of bullets based on skill level). After battle starts, increase own Torpedo and Evasion stats by 5% (20%) for 30 seconds. BioWare has provided a surprise update for Anthem. The rewards screen allows for the entry of rewards codes. Whenever your SSs or SSVs sink an enemy ship: increases Ryuuhou's DMG by 1.0% (3.5%).

Every 20 seconds, 15% (30%) chance to evade all incoming attacks for 6 seconds. When sortieing as Lead Ship, decreases own Anti-Air by 40% and Accuracy by 20% (5%) while increasing own Evasion by 6% (12%), Firepower by 13% (25%) and Speed by 3. 10 seconds after the battle starts and every 20 seconds after that, give each vanguard ship a shield. Decreases this ship's Main Gun Spread Range by 3 and increases own damage dealt to Heavy Cruisers, Large Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships, and Aviation Battleships by 10% (20%), and also increases own damage dealt to Aircraft Carriers and Light Aircraft Carriers by 1% (10%). 10) aerial barrage 12 seconds after the start of the battle. If a ship's shield expires without breaking, heal that ship for 70 hp. Increases the FP, RLD, and Accuracy of all. When firing main gun: 30% (60%) chance to increase damage dealt by all Battleships/Battlecruisers by 5% (20%) for 8 seconds.

• Battle Tips March 18 in Issues & bug reporting, Selecting the "Azur Lane Icons v 1.5" gives you "Azur Lane Icons v 2.5" icons in game. 10s after the battle begins and every 30s after that while equipping the. When launching an airstrike: increase Air Power by 5% (15%), and Firepower by 4% (10%) for all ships in the Main Fleet for 8 seconds. During sortie, increases damage dealt to cruisers by all allied IJN (Sakura Empire) Destroyers by 5% (15%). Increase own FP and RLD stats by 4.5% (12%) until the end of battle. List of Ships by ACV. When firing main gun, 5% chance to increase own Evasion by 30% (60%) for 8 seconds.

This tab grey tab on the far left of the screen allows you to quickly access your Canteen, Merchant, and Missions. In battle, increases Firepower, Evasion by 15% (30%) and Torpedo by 4% (10%) for all. 100% and 70% of max HP: increases own Firepower by 10% (20%). Efficiency and time wise, the total amount of related books needed from skill level 1 to skill level 10 is as follows: The rules for skill stacking are as follows: 1.

[] Azur Lane mod xd: I can‘t download in aslain qwq, These are HE shells with a 100%/110%/90% (110%/120%/100%) modifier. On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th battles of each sortie that this ship takes part in: increases this ship's AVI by 5.0% (15.0%). When firing Anti-Air Guns, 15% chance to increase fleet's Anti-Air by 30% (50%) for 8 seconds. Upon destroying an enemy: increases own Firepower by 0.5% (2%); effect can stack up to 10 times. Can be stacked up to 8 times. Gain a shield for 20s at start of battle and every 30s after, shield blocks up to 5 torpedos; while this shield is not broken, increases FP to self by 5% (15%) and damage dealt to DDs/BBs by 4.5% (12%). This page was last modified on 9 June 2020, at 14:01. Every 20 seconds, decreases Speed of all enemies by 5% (10%), increases Accuracy stat of all friendly ships by 5% (10%), and increases Speed of all friendly Hololive ships by 5% (10%) for 8 seconds. 18%: Decreases all enemies' Firepower, Torpedo, and Aviation by 4%. Multiplies the chance of being set on fire by 1.12 and increases duration of any fires by 3 seconds. When paired with any of the Destroyers from Destroyer Division 6 (.

There are instances when the game will give out free Gems, so if you really want an Oath for a shipgirl it is possible even without spending money. Ranking Edit. Every 10 seconds, 5% (25%) chance to heal Rurutie for 2% of her max Health. 10 seconds after battle starts and 15% (25%) chance to activate every 20 seconds after that: fires a wave of torpedoes (These torpedoes are based on the equipped Torpedo Mount). When firing main gun: 15% (25%) chance to fire an extra round. Allied ships inside the smokescreen gain 20.0% (40.0%) evasion rate. Every 20 seconds, increase own Anti-Air by 20% (40%) and decreases damage taken by all ships in the fleet by 3.5% (8%) for 6 seconds. During battle, increases own Firepower by 20 (80) every 8 seconds.

Skills are trained at the Tactical Academy within the Academy.

List of Ships by ACV. All ships in this fleet recover 1.0% of their max HP every 40 (20) seconds. Increases Reload for all CVLs in the fleet by 5% (15%).


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