aspie test 150 questions

. Once there was a problem at a family function (minor but typical things when original family members get together) I remember telling a nephew that “I’m the artsy uncle… I’m supposed to do that.” Or something to that effect. There are some aspects of AS with which, after 43 years of using my own coping mechanisms, I would still find great difficulty. Yikes!! They were done a couple of weeks apart about two years ago. I just call that “awesomeness”. Yes. I have a high IQ and math is natural and easy for me. i think making life less of a struggle is a great reason for seeking a professional diagnosis. Since a comment I now understand was unacceptable finally ended my best friendship a year ago, I do not have close friends, am scared to enter new friendships, and keep the acquaintances I have at arms length. Read the choices carefully before attempting to answer. Anyway, I just discovered all this a few months ago as well and it’s been quite interesting exploring what it means to be on the spectrum/AS. But that’s the great thing about life . The Rdos Aspie Quiz was created to collect data to support the creator’s theory that Asperger’s Syndrome is due to neanderthal DNA.

I think I just want somebody to say… yep… this is what it’s been all along… you’re not a bad person, you’re just wired a bit different, that’s all. And let me tell you, in the Christian community it is so much better never to even mention your Aspergers lest you might get demons driven out of you. This way, we ensure the availability of HIGH QUALITY  and RELIABLE test results for adults who seriously want to know if they may have Asperger’s.

So, it seems I’ve the mind of an Aspie (or potential mind for this matter, as this is no official diagnosis), and the potential social & communication skills of an NT…, Then, at the end: “None, but a high score is related to giftedness. I am sure they get people all the time who read something online and have diagnosed themselves with something or other. Non autistic: 46 of 200 I wanted to share my ‘spiderweb’ too. Your Aspie score: 155 of 200 Asperger’s Quiz Instructions: This quiz involves twenty-one questions within three categories: social symptoms, life skills, and physical (or behavioral) symptoms. She said the same thing as my sister.

Wright, J. This section aims to evaluate your social interaction skills that you possess. Things I have always done, I now realize might be stimming. For example, it had never occurred to me that spinning, walking on tiptoe, or sitting upside down could be sensory seeking; I only knew I shouldn’t be doing them at a place or time when I would be disrupting someone else. I’m a bisexual woman so you can see how that might be hard to deal with. It’s good to know that I can at least help people out a little by writing and listening and replying. I feel most comfortable socializing with people around a common interest and have little incentive to contact them outside of that context. Rdos has some info about that in his evaluation stats (linked in my post) if you’re curious. I wasn’t aware that there was a third possible outcome. ☑︎ Email copy of your report + Printer-friendly on screen layout☑︎ Trackback link that allows you/your health practitioner access to your report for next 30 days☑︎ Understanding of where you display Asperger’s symptoms and where not☑︎ Explanation of how your score is calculated – we hide nothing! With the exception of one green squash a couple of weeks ago, all I’m getting are tiny little squash that turn yellow and wither. BTW, “Quarries and Corridors” mentioned way up there that he was having difficulty finding a video. 116/200 Aspie, 88/200 NT.

I made it clear to the neuropsychologist who diagnosed me that my primary goal in seeking a diagnosis was to better understand myself. S. Baron-Cohen, S. Wheelwright, R. Skinner, J. Martin and E. Clubley, (2001) The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) : Evidence from Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism, Males and Females, Scientists and Mathematicians Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 31, 5-17. Nobody around me knows this, but it takes all of my love for God to work through it and try to look like I am not totally misplaced. How do I sit, what do I do with my hands, how long do I look at them before I look away? Thank you for adding your spiderwebs. You are very likely neurodiverse (Aspie).

Not so different. . No idea whether that’s partly refinement, and / or partly being more aware of myself. This is an interactive online Asperger’s test for Adults. Uhhh, ooohhh, clarifying note necessary on second thought! The societal stereotype of Asperger’s is just one of more obvious coping strategies. I've taken both these tests several times, and each time my scores change. I was the same way. Your group score: 8.1 of 10 (above average).”, I’ve always seen myself as being brighter than the average bear, but to hear this outright… it’s rather flattering…. For me, rocking and toe walking have been the major discoveries. That seems to be a common reaction! If the aspie score is 0, that means that all (or nearly all) aspies scored 0 on that question. Whereas they are now

So glad to hear that the blog has been helpful to you! If the aspie score is 1.82, then most aspies scored 2 and some scored 1 or 0 (bringing the mean or average down slightly below 2). I think whether you want to do anything about your discovery really depends on your situation. God never called us to be fake and use phrases all day. I thought it would be higher. Then I asked friends and family to take the same tests. It seems like a fun Tuesday post to me! I noticed some control questions and made sure they are answered consistently, but I have no idea about the others. It would be worth your time! I just dashed over to Twitter to check out your graph. The first and third tests measure components of executive function: attention and working memory. Hi, I just took this quiz. I actually have many symptoms. Yay! There is a Print button at the end on this analysis page that you can use to get a printout and keep for your reference. It’s true, people’s scores do change over time – some because like you they get better at certain skills and others because they realize that they have traits/do things that they didn’t previously realize. Do I mention that? But I just really hate social things, like they are so noisy and pointless and….. Hope this helped rather than creating more confusion! American Psychiatric Association. , Sorry its commented as my blog name, spectrumpie is Hannah Povey. Some are extremely visual and think in pictures, some extremely verbal, some think in patterns. Doesn’t tell me much, though. My scores vary a little depending on how I interpret the questions too. There are some things I like about ND dominant, and they are my increased sensitivity, and superior pattern recognition. I dont think there would be any point trying for a diognosis as it was hard enough getting one for my son who is more ‘classic’ autism let alone a 35 year old woman whos got on with it all this time. Yes, I found your comment helpful, I think I need to be more confident first though. Intraspective analysis leads me to conclude that I’m not ASD, I always just considered myself awkward. and looking in the vague direction of peoples eyes etc. And lastly, please Note: All of your quiz responses are completely confidential. The alexithymia questionnaires used in clinical research (TAS-20, BVAQ) aren’t available online, so I took the Online Alexithymia Questionnaire (OAQ-G2). I know that the quiz has been updated recently and with the Asperger’s label being dropped from the diagnostic manuals, the creators likely are trying to use more inclusive language.

I didn’t want to start this comment with um, but there we go. Select the appropriate answers and click the “Go to Quiz” button to begin the quiz. Thanks for your blog, it’s a lifeline at just the right time. Small town church = not easy for peope who are different. My gift is for languages. Taking the Empathy Quotient Test – The Empathy Quotient (EQ) test is intended to be a measure of your ability to understand how people feel and to respond appropriately. . I mean, there are definite downsides. While the Aspie Quiz isn’t an officially recognized test, it does seem to be an accurate reflection of neurotype and you get a pretty picture when you’re done. That was supposed to be a link to the visual of my spiderweb.

It said that I was very likely neurodiverse.

If you let me know when the revision is fully released, I’ll take it again as part of Take a Test Tuesday and do a post on the changes. Conversation is difficult. Sounds like everyone is outgoing compared to your dad! The research has led me to believe that I most likely am. Now, about a decade later, the congregation I attend at the moment has hired a new pastor and I really, really enjoy discussing with him, for finally after all these years there is someone who straddles all the aspects from historical viewpoint to pentecoastal phenomena in a way I can relate to. It was an interesting test though! It’s logging me in?? In times when I haven’t had a lot of stress, I’ve functioned as an informal leader, taking care of people and suchlike. NT, although still very different from your Scientist. I’m very lucky to have a loving, wonderful husband, but thing are getting worse as I get old and I can feel myself withdrawing, scared of what the heck I’m going to say or do wrong next, professionally or personally. . Btw, I am aware that the last comment was a while back, but I figure people will be returning to this page because of the topic. I’m disappointed I couldn’t get a “score.”. More than once I’ve wondered if we aspies are more qualified to diagnosis ourselves than the experts are to render an opinion on us. Also I’d just canceled spending Christmas with my family, because I’m scared of what I’ll say, though I didn’t tell them this. Unlike the other online tests, it takes autistic childhood traits into account, even if they are no longer present. He often forgets. I found a working memory test that I want to include as part of Take-a-Test Tuesday because I think mine is poor as well. Female considering seeking a dx. And I guess as an aspie, I’m bothered by how it lacks precision. In short: if people score aspie-like in this quiz we are usually successful when using methods intended for aspies. Answer the questions as honestly and as accurately as possible. The relationships section was so interesting?? 125/200 aspie, 95/200 nt.


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