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Er macht sich Sorgen um Mikasas Genesung, nachdem er ihr Brennholz gefunden hat, obwohl Eren darauf besteht, dass sie bereits geheilt ist. Bei den theoretischen Prüfungen ist er der Beste gewesen.

Er diskutiert mit Hanji darüber, wie man in Rebellio eintritt, indem man den niedrigen Luftraum benutzt und sich neben den zuvor vom Aufklärungstrupp platzierten Lichtern bewegt, um ihre Truppen abzuholen; eine sehr gefährliche Mission, da jeder nur eine Chance hat, das Schiff zu besteigen. November, ist in Japan als Kulturtag bekannt.

[17], Armin is later confronted by Mikasa above the rooftops with the other stranded cadets. Titanenwandler

He taunts Bertholdt, telling him that they are torturing Annie as they speak, in every way possible, and that her "screams" taught them something, that even with her body's healing she can never get rid of the pain. Kurz darauf kommt Reiner aus der Mauer hervor und tötet den Soldaten. [50], As Armin's flesh, skin, and clothing begin to burn off, he chooses to remain grappled; realizing that he is about to die and that Eren must see the ocean in his stead. One female member of the First Interior Squad gets through and tries to shoot Armin, but Mikasa kicks her and she lands on the carriage. Armin is one of eight characters to have his own character song. He looks to Eren and asks if they should go along with Yelena's plan, questioning if there is another way. He mentions the Female Titan being able to draw other Titans toward itself, and states his and Jean's theory that Eren had controlled the Titans this time. Hange appoints Armin the 15th commander of the Survey Corps, As preparations for the flying boat near completion, Armin bids goodbye to Annie, who has decided to stay behind. Mikasa spricht zu Armin ein, seine Strategien retten oft Leben und er solle mehr an sich glauben. Before the group can depart, however, Floch reveals himself and shoots holes in the boat's fuel tank, necessitating repairs. [9] When he, Jean Kirschtein, and Reiner Braun had to decide who would be left behind without a horse, Armin immediately offered himself without hesitation.

Vorherige Zuordnung [14], Eren, Mikasa, and Armin meet Hannes again, Before Eren or Mikasa can answer, they are interrupted by seeing Hannes, who they now salute as the Captain of the Garrison. Levi kills the soldier and orders his squad to chase the wagon and kill their opponents, given the chance. Yes he lives and became a Titan Shifter, no less. His frame is, as it has always been, relatively small and lacking in muscle but not the definition. Armin originally lived in the Shiganshina District of Wall Maria. 168 cm

Jean felt his body go cold as he saw Armin's small frame smash to the ground.

Er überzeugt ihn die Welt außerhalb der Mauern zu erkunden. [171] At a loss for words, Armin goes with Mikasa, Hange, and Onyankopon to figure out what to do next. Armin's hard and cruel life has caused him to have certain beliefs about how the world works.

Enraged and vengeful, Eren charges ahead of the others to engage the Titan, and Armin and the others follow suit.

Während ihrer ersten offiziellen Operation dient Armin als Double für Historia und wird zusammen mit Jean, von der Organisation gefangen, die Eren und Historia entführen möchte.

Dieser packt und verschlingt Berthold und bricht kurz darauf in Shiganshina zusammen, woraufhin der bewusstlose Armin von seinen Freunden aus dem Titanenkörper geborgen wird. In seiner Verzweiflung fragt Eren Levi, ob dieser weiß, was das Meer ist und verrät, dass es Armins Traum war, es einmal zu sehen. [4], Stuck in a state of shock for some time, Armin is shaken out of it by Conny who questions where the rest of his squad is. Armin trägt wie jeder andere Soldat seine Uniform. He is shocked to hear Darius refuse their request to see Eren at this time. [88] Armin and Hange put their heads together and realize that, in order to move, the area behind the Armored Titan's knees must be unprotected. Anders als Eren trägt er oft einen ruhigen Gesichtsausdruck.

Armin Arlert is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps and a childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.

He hears Eren's voice, telling him that the Rumbling will not stop, before seeing a child-like Eren in the distance.

"NO! [26] Während die Titanen des Tiertitans vorrücken, informiert Erwin Armin über seinen Plan, Eren als Köder zu verwenden, um Reiner von den Pferden des Aufklärungstrupps wegzulocken, und schickt ihn mit den Trupps Levi und Hanji fprt, um Reiner anzugreifen.[27]. [16] As a child, he found and studied an illegal book about the outside world that was owned by his grandfather. Der Titan schiebt Armins vorgezogene Kapuze nach hinten, in der Hoffnung, dass sich Eren darunter versteckt. Eren begins to turn the tables on Reiner, but just then Reiner roars, signaling Bertholdt, who falls on top of them from the Wall. [155], While at a shooting range with Eren and Mikasa, Armin is proud to see both sides cooperating and interacting with one another.

After clearing out the first wave of Titans, Armin's group lies in wait at the building while more soldiers lead the remaining Titans to the building to be killed. Although he appears to be the physically weakest of the 104th Cadet Corps, his high intelligence and strategic genius makes him an invaluable asset, though he does not consider himself to be one and is known to have low self-esteem. Armin zeigte großes Unbehagen darüber.

Armin was perplexed by this but was soon distracted by the sight of an Armored Titan smashing the inner gate of Wall Maria.

"You're going to be okay..". Erwin Smith kommt den Titanwanldern mit einer Horde Titanen entgegen. [68], Before the trainees are able to decide their chosen military paths, the news spreads that two captured Titans, Sonny and Bean, were slain, and Armin along with other trainees from the 104th Trainee Squad are called in for inspection. The fact that he is so willing to sacrifice himself to achieve a goal shows that he still does not value his own life as much as he should. He constantly worries for the safety of his friends. He is tasked to observe the Colossus Titan from the farther back while Eren attacks him to keep him from reaching the Wall. However, Reiner's Titan form gives out a roar and Armin immediately realizes that it might be a signal to call Bertholdt. After the battle of Shiganshina District, he took the power of the Titans from Bertholdt Hoover and became the Colossal Titan. [185], Armin destroys the Cart Titan's artillery cannon. At the movement, the boy's weak frame shuddered and coughed up blood, staining Armin's cloak and chin. Eren changes into his Titan and uses the stacked barrels as an explosive by shoving them down Rod's open mouth. Armin beckons Hanna to stop, seeing all too well that Franz is bisected and already dead. Zum Beispiel, als Armin zu Hannes ging, um sie zu retten[7]. Armin then stabs Eren's Titan form, telling him to wake up. Der erste Kommandant dieser Art ist Dot Pixis, als er sieht wie Armin mit Entschlossenheit, vor Gewehre mit dem Ziel seiner Hinrichtung, salutiert.

Als er ins Lagerhaus zurückkehrt, ist Armin sehr verzweifelt, jemanden getötet zu haben.

She gets up, ignores Jean's threat and knocks his gun away. [55] Later, Armin joins Eren's squad in the middle guard of Trost and exchanges confident words with Eren about killing Titans, and soon after departs with Mina Carolina, Thomas Wagner, Mylius Zeramuski, and Nac Tias to their assigned location. ARMIN!" After a long journey on horseback, Armin fulfills his dream when the Scouts reach the ocean. Armin responds bitterly, saying that he would rather die than become a burden. Eren merely responds that he is free at last to do whatever he pleases and questions if Armin is still visiting Annie, greatly shocking Armin. [50], As Eren mourns Armin's sacrifice, he hears Armin breathing faintly and urges Levi to use the Titan injection on Armin. Armin und der Rest des Trupps hören unbehaglich den Schreien zu, als Levi und Hanji ihre Befragung durchführen. [46] Armin would often spend his time enthusing Eren about the outside world, for which he held a passionate curiosity. Mikasa glaubt an seine Fähigkeiten als Genie. Aber Berthold weist die Androhungen von Armin einfach zurück und nähert sich ihm mit seiner Klinge. Eren sieht eine Gruppe von Kindern unten und bemerkt, wie sie ihn an jenem Tag, an dem der kolossale Titan zum ersten Mal erschien, an sich und seine Freunde erinnern. He constantly worries for the safety of his friends. [95] Armin notices Ymir suspiciously surveying everyone and neglecting to attack anyone. Armin said again.


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