agrabah puzzle piece in stall
In the Treasure Room, jump over from the Mythril Shard chest.

He doesn't know where Jasmine is, so he ask Sora for help finding her. To get to Agrabah from a previous world, you must fly the Gummi Ship through a red vortex. They are confronted by Pete, who attacks them, saying that they'll never get hold of the magic lamp that is rightfully his.

Genie takes Jasmine and Jafar escapes. Heading west from Main Street sends them into the Agrabah: Alley, while entering the high entrance to the east goes into the Agrabah: Bazaar. They escape to a nearby alley and question Iago as to where Aladdin might be.

Piece #3: Agrabah: Agrabah: Behind a store stand, near the exit to the Bazaar. If Jafar decides to attack with the energy stream, dangle from the ledge until he finishes.

Save at the Save Point, then return to the plaza via the window. Here, open the Treasure Chest to obtain a Mega-Potion.

Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah, explains that Jafar has "disposed of" the sultan and taken over Agrabah.

You can break the pots for Munny. This is when you should attack since better loot drops that way. Silent Chamber, right in front of the steps. Fight your way rightward and back to the Bottomless Hall. Origin Jump off one of the booths.

For winning the battle, you and Donald will learn the "Blizzara" spell.

Genie gets rid of the Heartless, but more emerge.

To the left of the Valley of Stone entrance. Defeat every enemy, then enter Aladdin's House. Return to the Silent Chamber by swimming up the waterfall. At the top of the stairs near the entrance to the Peddler's Shop.

Enter the Storage room now. Main Street, Bazaar, Cave of Wonders: Treasure Room. From here, jump to the ledge ahead and then jump to the ledge to the left of the door to find a Treasure Chest containing a Mythril Shard. Leaving the city initially takes Sora's group to the Desert, but once the Carpet joins them they can reach the Desert: Cave, where the Cave of Wonders Guardian, which serves as the cave's entrance, must be fought as a boss battle before the party is permitted to enter.

To your left is a Treasure Chest containing a Torn Page. They can also throw their swords at you, telekinetically controlling them. Behind a stall near exit to the Bazaar.

Now, head through the wooden door.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin attack the Heartless, but there are too many. Now, jump into the abyss. It has but one floor, divided into the Valley of Stone and the Stone Guardians. Jump up to the back of a platform and, likely, Jafar will teleport away. Aladdin has lost Jasmine and the lamp, but Sora tells him not to give up. Up the ledges to your right is a Treasure Chest containing a Mega-Ether. Activate the monkey statue next to the Save Point to reach a Treasure Chest containing a Thundaga-G. Save at the Save Point, then enter the Lamp Chamber. From the steps, examine the monkey statue to open a door. 3: Frontier #9: Bazaar: Go through the middle entrance to the Bazaar and there will be a stand with a puzzle piece behind it.

You'll also obtain Ansem's Report 1. Kingdom Hearts II As you land, you'll see Maleficent and Jafar discussing their search for Agrabah's Keyhole and the "princesses of heart." Jasmine flees while Jafar summons some Heartless.

Hey everyone! Sora defeats Genie Jafar which destroys the black lamp that imprisoned Jafar. Hinting he could be at the palace, the group go to the palace where they meet a worried Jasmine.

He and Roxas are about to return to the Castle when Roxas is suddenly overcome by a strange vision, images of Xion, and a blonde girl drawing pictures in a white room. Replace his "Crescent" and "Sandstorm" Abilities with the "Treasure Magnet" and "Critical Plus" Abilities. In here, you'll be faced with Genie Jafar.

Save, then return to Main Street. In this battle, Jafar teleports from platform to platform while often firing a stream of energy from his staff. Next to the stall to the left is a Treasure Chest containing a Mega-Potion.

Quickly jump up to combo him. Climb the steps to find a Save Point.

Xion then transports herself and Roxas to Twilight Town to continue the fight.

Climb these steps.

All this seems to be the result of sandstorms like the violent one currently raging out in the desert.

The group follows Pete and the Peddler to the palace where a mad race for the lamp ensues. They escape the trap and head toward the palace. Walk forward to encounter another mini-boss.

Approach the Keyhole, and Jafar will make Genie turn him into a genie.

The Carpet thought it recognized Roxas, but it discovers it knows neither. Axel says that discovering the Cave is enough work for the day, so after defeating the nearby Heartless, they head home.

Sora and his party arrive in the Agrabah: Plaza here, where they are confronted by their first enemies in the world.

To the left of the entrance and hidden behind a pile of treasure. Drop down, then make your way back to the yellow canopy.

Jafar then summons a mini-boss to fight you as he escapes.

Save, then climb the stairs to return to the Hall.

From the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A world of information not accessible by Gummiship.

Inside the first chamber and on top of a lone pillar. To breath the stream of fire, Fat Bandits must first inhale for a few seconds. If they succeed, they can enter the Treasure Room. Jump down to see that Jafar has captured Jasmine.

Here, swap Donald for Aladdin. Using the "Thunder" spell can defeat several Pot Spiders at once. Enter the next room. Agrabah is a world from the Kingdom Hearts series, based on Disney's 1992 film Aladdin, as well as its sequels, The Return of Jafar and The King of Thieves.


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