advocacy proposal ideas

Funds and other resources will need to be sufficient to sustain the project for its duration. The media – radio, television, press and online media – have a particular role to play in public advocacy initiatives, especially campaign-based approaches. The Huaral Valley Agrarian Information System, Peru, This project is providing phone and internet access for poor farming communities and access to an agrarian information system, Low-cost and easy-to-maintain wireless networks used in harsh and remote locations in Nepal to provide phone and internet access to dispersed and marginalised communities. (Paris: UNESCO, 2008), [8] See, for example, Chris Rose How to win campaigns: 100 steps to success (London: Earthscan, 2005) and Kirsten Wolf Now Hear This: The Nine Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications (Washington: Fenton Communications, 2001), [9] Valeria Betancourt Access to ICTs as a right: The case of the constituent process in Ecuador (Montevideo: APC, forthcoming), [10] See, for example, Amnesty International Amnesty International Campaigning Manual (London: Amnesty International, 1997), [11] See, for example, Deepa Narayan Voices of the Poor: Volume 1: Can Anyone Hear Us? “Pathfinder” or “demonstrator” projects can therefore be an effective alternative strategy for ICT policy advocacy. Although reorganization has not been the norm, there is likely to The challenge culminates in a pitch competition on Thursday afternoon. Will it be effective to work through dialogue and negotiation with policy makers? Governments and public bodies, especially in democratic societies, are sensitive to critical reports, and more so when these are based on robust evidence and analysis, come from a credible source, and are widely published and disseminated. The media can bring a mass audience, potentially increasing profile and credibility, but they can also bring bad publicity and may contribute to mobilising opposition as well as support. This overview describes some of the more commonly used advocacy techniques, from critical engagement such as policy monitoring and policy dialogue, through organised campaigns for policy change, to pathfinder and demonstrator projects that can inform and influence future policy making.

In the brochure, there will be a link to one or more anti-animal testing organizations, such as PEETA, whose primary focus is to advocate for the same thing that we are. Deccan Development Society (DDS)[15] is a grassroots organisation working with women's sanghams (self-help groups) in about 75 villages in the Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, India. What about the legislature or parliament – are there interest groups in the policy area? Advocacy Proposal The solution I plan to advocate for is assembly bill 619, proposed by assemblywoman Shirley Weber, which would require police departments to report when officers use excessive force and when death occur when the suspect is in law enforcement custody (Weber 619). It is important also to be aware of relevant international treaty obligations, laws and standards. With support from Petrobras, it has been replicated in 50 locations across Brazil. At the same time, it compromises the ability of disadvantaged people themselves to advocate for their own communication needs. It is useful to rate both impact and likelihood (e.g., low, medium, high). It may become necessary to modify the proposals to achieve results. My issue brief, calling for city governments to fund free preschool, was targeted toward policy makers. This partnership-based project mobilised policy, investment and technical support leading to the establishment of 128 community-based telecentres. Steven Davis, Victoria Moncur, and Andrew Ramirez. I flank each proposal in a cloud to present them as dream-like, emphasizing their potential to improve the preschool system in the United States. Campaigns are often built in response to particular opportunities or threats arising in the context of the process of policy change. Almost all effective policy-related advocacy efforts commence with observation and monitoring of the implementation and effectiveness of policies already in place. In lieu of creating an advocacy project, we created a website compiling the class’s issue briefs, providing summaries of their work and a database of peoples’ projects. This case study documents how a project has evolved into a mass movement in India and influenced similar initiatives in Asia and Africa, and has mobilised high-level support from public, private and civil society organisations. (iv)Establishing credibility as an advocate. Social Innovation Challenge events include (starred events mandatory for participants): Following registration, you will be forwarded additional details about the event. We chose to design an infographic because it is both captivating and logically informative. As Drèze and Sen describe it: “One is assertion (or, more precisely, self-assertion) of the underprivileged through political organisation. Advocacy Project: A Call for Free, Universal Preschool. They may require certain policy decisions before they can proceed, but policy makers may also be more receptive to allowing a limited experiment to test and demonstrate an idea than to agreeing a major policy change. What policies are already in place (for example, national e-strategies, e-government, media development, digital divide initiatives)? Our Partners You can use the outline below to help you craft an advocacy plan. It highlights the importance for people facing disadvantage to be able to assert their own needs and interests.

[11] It is one of the reasons why advocacy for equitable access to ICTs is important. New ideas in policy are not always easy to communicate to those who influence or make decisions, particularly where they involve new or unfamiliar uses of ICTs. For children, advocacy often focuses on participation in recreational activities, help with school, and/or material goods. A capacity-building project or a demonstrator project might require significant investment in equipment and training. Could the goals be achieved incrementally or do they require a fundamental change in policy? Though we don’t necessarily agree with our classmates on all issues, we believe that their issue briefs are honest and thorough reflections of their views as young, distinguished intellectuals, and therefore invaluable to society. What unique skills, insights, connections, or resources can you contribute to your team’s goals? Another option for this year:  Participate in the Social Innovation Challenge:  See Startup Week schedule. (ii)Mapping relations of power and decision making. The message needs to reinforced, by repetition and through the influence of secondary audiences. Identify specific problems to address. In other cases a single-issue organisation, or a coalition of like minded groups, may form to campaign towards a single policy goal, as in the example of India’s campaign for a right to information law. What sort of treatment can be expected from the media: supportive, hostile, or indifferent? Good communications is at the core of effective advocacy. Other interested parties may launch strategies to counter the proposals being made. 1 2 3 4 5. The focus on college-aged students stems from our plans for real-world application.

What risks might there be in alliance or coalition building? That such people have chosen to work for and in solidarity with those who face the daily struggle of poverty and deprivation is, of course, to be welcomed – social solidarity is very often an important component of advocacy and political action – but, on its own, it is also “a somewhat undependable basis of authentic representation of the interests of the underprivileged.”[13] Solidarity has multiple motivations, is not always accompanied by shared perspectives, and may be more effective at attracting support when it conforms with dominant ideologies. Sponsorship Opportunities, North American Council group 15-24 years. We also plan to share the infographic via various forms of social media with the hope that it will be re-shared by signees to gain more attention for the issue. What alternatives might be considered? 970 Raymond Avenue Conversely, it is often the dynamic of conflict that gives a campaign momentum, spurring media attention and recruiting public support. The Nigeria Community Radio Coalition, launched in 2003, has mobilised broad support for its campaign goal of seeing community radio services established in Nigeria. Is anything similar being considered or planned? The main intended audience for this infographic is college aged students, but this can be extended to other groups as well. Some of the basic tenets of the art of persuasion, found in political science and communication studies, appear also in early Greek and Chinese philosophy. It is useful to distinguish between primary and secondary audiences.

What can be done to reduce the risk of opposition? Is support needed to build the advocacy capacity of partner organisations? What groups or organisations might feel threatened by the proposals? ). The 5,000 women members of the Society are mostly Dalit, the lowest group in the Indian social hierarchy.

In India, in 1996, the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI)[6] was founded by social activists, journalists, lawyers, professionals, retired civil servants and academics. Our goal with our campaign is to create a brochure, in which we can hand out in class.

To further the website’s use and success, we contacted the course administrator of RCL and she has agreed to use the website in compiling more issue briefs from other classes, ideally creating a master-site for these white papers.

Their lack of voice can be overcome in two distinct ways. In developing the strategy, and in the light of more systematic analysis of the policy environment, it is advisable to return to the advocacy goal and to set specific and realistic objectives that can be achieved within a reasonable, defined timeframe. Advocacy Essay Proposal/ Brainstorming Ideas. Advocacy invariably takes place in a dynamic environment, especially when the focus is on ICTs. It explains step by step how to devise an effective advocacy strategy for ICT policy reform. There are a great number of “pro-poor advocacy” organisations that are not, by any means, populated by people with first-hand experience of poverty. Policy monitoring and public accountability are made easier where government departments and other public bodies, including regulatory organisations, maintain and publish data and reports in a timely fashion and undertake research and consultation to facilitate decision making in the public interest. Or will it contribute to all of these things? [2] Notably in the writings of Aristotle and Confucius. As noted in the introduction to this toolkit, poor people face systemic barriers in their access to information and in their means to exercise their right to freedom of expression. [7] Toby Mendel Freedom of Information: A Comparative Legal Survey 2nd ed. What organizations or individuals could act as partners with you to accomplish these goals? WOUGNET participates actively in government-organised stakeholder consultations on ICT policy, it contributes its own studies and reports, and it responds to draft policy proposals. Effective pro-poor advocacy on access to ICTs must include strategies likely to lead to an increase in the voice and influence of the underprivileged sections of society in ICT and other policy making. [7] Continued campaigning and a change of government led eventually to adoption of the Right to Information Act 2005. Board of Directors

The latter is most starkly demonstrated by the slow response to climate change warnings. Advocacy is rarely a one-way communications process. Categories: Suite 106 Does this problem have a policy dimension?

The Social Innovation Challenge is scheduled to run Monday, April 17th, through Thursday, April 20th. We stated earlier that “pro-poor advocacy” means advocacy for political decisions and actions that respond to the interests of people who directly face poverty and disadvantage. Tuesday through Thursday, teams will have the opportunity to work together in one of State College’s premier innovation spaces, LaunchBox, to develop their ideas (including business model development, basic prototype creation, and customer validation).


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