5000 most common arabic words pdf
I stripped out the dialect words, wrote in the masdars for the form I verbs and wrote in all the extra expressions that accompanied the vocab so the list is a little over 5000 words. Can I implement a portion of your post to my website? Thanks so much for sharing it. of the Quran), ناوٍ/النّاوي : intending, wanting (to do sth), نَطَرَ، يَنطُرُ، النَّطْر : to wait for sth/sb; to watch, guard sth/sb, تَعَدَّدَ : to be numerous; to be diverse or varied, جابَ، يَجوبُ، الجَوْب : to explore, traverse, pass through, اِرتَكَزَ : to be centered, focused على around/on sth, فاحَ، يَفيحُ، الفَيْح : to be fragrant; to emanate من from sb (scent, perfume). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Required fields are marked *, Find Your Arabic Name The Original #1 Modern Standard Arabic site for MSA resources and tools on the internet. No. Modern Standard Arabic Resources and Tools Online. 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(على on/for), نَفَّذَ : to implement, carry out, execute, تَوَفَّرَ : to be plentiful; to be available ل for sb; to be met, fulfilled (condition, requirements) في in sth/sb, تَمَتَّعَ : to enjoy ب sth, be blessed ب sth; to possess, be endowed ب with (qualities), قَطْع : breaking off, interruption; traversing (a distance); issuing (a ticket), الوَفَيات : obituaries (newspaper section), سُقوط : downfall, collapse; crash (aircraft), وَثيقة، وَثائِق : document; certificate; title, dead; paper, record, فَرَضَ، يَفرِضُ، الفَرْض : to impose sth على on sb; to assume أنّ that, اِحتِفال ات : celebrating; celebration, ceremony, قَيْد، قُيود : restriction, condition, stipulation; fetter, chain, shackle, لا قَيْد أُنمُلةٍ : not one iota, not an inch, حِكمة، حِكَم : wisdom; wise saying, proverb, moral, فِتنة، فِتَن : charm, allure, enchantment; dissent, unrest; riot, rebellion, زارَ، يَزورُ، الزِّيارة : to visit sb or a place, هائِل : great, huge, formidable; frightful, appalling, مُؤَخَّر : rear, end, back; balance (of a payment), مُؤَخَّراً : recently, lately; finally, in the end, رَسْم، رُسوم : drawing, sketching, illustrating; picture, drawing; tax, fee, أسبَهَ : to ressemble, look like, be similar to sth/sb, تَطَلَّبَ : to require, demand sth (من from sb), تَوْجيه ات : directing, guiding, sending; instruction, guideline, directive, حَطَّ، يَحُطُ، الحَطّ : to put, place, set down, حَبّة، حُبوب/حَبّاب : grain, seed; pill; bead, دَقيق : precise, accurate; minute, micro-; delicate, مُتَقَدِّم : advanced, developed; applicant; applying, seeking (job position or admission), قَتيل، قَتلى : casualty, dead/killed person, اِستِفادة : benefiting من from, making use من of, اِستِقبال : reception; receiving, welcoming, مَدَّ، يَمُدُّ، المَدّ : to extend, stretch sth; to spread out, stretch out sth, دَرْب، دَروب : path, pathway, trail, road, دُعاء : call, appeal, request; invocation, أرسَلَ : to send, transmit (ب) sth إلى to sb, هَوىً : love, affection; inclination, preference; desire, wish, على هَواهُ : as he likes, according to his preference, ذَهاب : going; leaving, departure; first half (game, match), كَثرة : abundance, large amount, great number, حِفْظ : saving, preserving, maintaining; protecting, guarding; memorizing, أدخَلَ : to insert, introduce, include sth في/إلى  هر, رَمْز، رُموز : symbol, sign, emblem; symbolic figure; (computer) icon; (telephone, postal) code; indicator; symbolizing, indicating, pointing (إلى to); dialing (phone number), ُغابَ، يَغيب : to be absent (عن from); to set (sun) عن on, مُفاوَضة ات : negotiation, discussion, talk, تَدمير : destruction, demolition; wrecking, ruining, damaging, تَحليل، تَحاليل : dissolution, dissolving; legalizing; analysis, (laboratory) test, مُحافِظ : governor; conservative; preserving, protecting, بَيَّنَ : to clarify, explain sth; to show, demonstrate sth, مُراقَبة : surveillance, monitoring; censorship; observation, inspection; supervision, oversight, تَفَضُّل : please (followed by imperative), لَوْ تَفَضَّاْتَ : if you would be so kind, باعَ، يَبيعُ، البَيْع : to sell sth (ب for a price), اِهتَمَّ : to be interested ب in sth; to care, be concerned ب about sth, اِعتِراف : admission, confession (ب of sth); acknowledgement, recognition, acceptance (ب of sth), مُتَّهَم : accused ب of, charged ب with, indicted ب for; (noun) suspect, أصليّ : original, master; real, true; genuine, authentic, مَنهَج، مَناهِج : method, approach; program, curriculum, تَعَرَّفَ : to get to know على sb, become acquainted على with sb; to identify على sb, اِتِّهام ات : accusation, charge, indictment, عاشِق, عُشّاق : lover, person in love; admirer, fan; enthusiast, aficionado, مُقَدَّس ات : holy, sacred; sacred sites; sacred things, اِمتَدَّ : to extend, reach, spread إلى to, غَيَّرَ : to change, modify sth; to replace, switch sth, حَلَّ، يَحُلُّ، الحَلّ : to dissolve, split up, untie sth, حَلَّ مَحَلَّهُ : to replace, take the place of sth/sb; to solve (problem), أجَل : time, period, term; final moment, death, شاهِد، شُهود : witness; spectator; witnessing, viewing, جَماعيّ : (adj) group, collective; common, زاوية، زَوايا : corner, nook; section (newspaper); angle, مُساعِد : assistant, aide, support; helping, assisting, supporting, اِعتِداء ات : assault, attack, aggression, مَيْدان، مَيادين : arena, field, domain; city square, plaza, تاجِر، تُجّار : merchant, businessman, trader; trading, dealing, أداة، أدَوات : tool, utensil, instrument; appliance, apparatus; (ling) particle, بواسِطة : by means of, by using, by making use of, عَيْب، عُيوب : fault, weakness; shame, disgrace, shameful behavior, صَرَّحَ : to declare, announce بِأنَّ that, سافَرَ : to travel إلى to; to depart (on a trip), بَريء، أبرِياء : innocent, blameless; naive, unsuspecting; exempt, free (من of); innocent person, اِنطِلاقاً من : proceeding from; on the basis on, جُنَيْه ات : pound (currency); Egyptian currency, مِعيار، مَعايير : standard, criterion, norm; standard measure, gauge, تَمويل : financing, funding, backing, underwriting, خَشِيَ : to fear sth/sb or من sth/sb; to fear, anticipate أنْ that; to be afraid, anxious على for (sb’s safety), أمانة : loyalty, reliability; honesty, integrity; deposit, safekeeping; secretariat; office of mayor, في أمانة الله : May God keep you safe (goodbye), اِختِلاف : variance, difference, disagreement; conflict, controversy, تَركيز : emphasis, focus, concentration (على on), تَناوُل : dealing with (subject, issue); eating (meal); taking, ingesting (medicine), اِنتِخابيّ : electoral, election; selection, حَكَمَ، يَحكُمُ، الحُكْم : to rule, govern (people, country); to judge, sentence على sb, مُقَرَّر : decided upon, stipulated; scheduled; agenda, plan; curriculum, اِنسِحاب : withdrawal, evacuation; pulling out, removing, تَبَعَ، يَتبَعُ، التَّبَع : to follow, pursue sth/sb, تَزَوَّجَ : to marry sb; to get married (من to sb), لَفَتَ، يَلفِتُ، الَّفْت : to draw, turn (نَظَر/اِنتِباه) sb’s attention إلى to, لَفَتَ نَظَرَهُاِنتِباهَهُ : to catch sb’s attention, ذاتيّ : autonomous, self-, auto-; personal, individual, مُسَلسَل ات : serial show (esp.


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