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Six Squared Studios is a maker of terrain and wargaming accessories. They are located on Canada’s West Coast. Link to XOLK. Quick Links… Full Systems, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets. I owned a number of their products including a large collection of Field of Glory, a number of Blue Covered Wargame Books, Bolt Action, and Frostgrave. These are companies that make their own rule sets. To keep things manageable, I am implementing the following rules. Well worth checking out.

Battle Mats give gamers an easy way to get terrain on the table fast. [[image|6|9]] We hope you enjoy looking around the site. Troop types including: samurai, cavalry, musicians, archers, ikko-ikki, sohei and ninja! 28mm WWII Italian Armor Decals Sheet WARLORD GAMES. The posts in this section all feature their products in some way. Miniatures Shop ScaleBro They have sent along a Board Game, TerraTiles and Dice Sets for us to review. Let’s check out some of his work. I knew Fat Dragon Games as a maker of paper terrain. The Tékumel Club. Custom Terrain Producers (unless you reliably mass-produce the products). The companies in this section of the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies list all make them right here in Canada. M3Studios is another company that makes STL files for 3D printers based out of Canada. Kingsford Miniatures is a company that makes 28mm Samurai and Gladiator Miniatures. They carry tons of Warlord Games products (including Bolt Action) and they also have the best and largest gaming area in the area. We make quality miniatures in 28 mm, 32mm, 40 mm, 54 mm, 1/9 and 1/30 scale. This is cool stuff! Now I aim to also help Canadian Businesses extend their reach with this Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page. They are not suitable for children under the age of 14. It’s a nice piece and very affordable. This is yet another company where you get great value when comparing price to the actual product. Review Submissions / Sponsorship Products. I would take what I need out when needed. If you buy from Amazon from here (paid link), a portion of the sales goes to help supporting Must Contain Minis. Prices are really reasonable too. Need water elements for your miniature wargaming? Like many of the businesses out there, I am a one-man-shop doing this in my spare time for fun. In turn, this knowledge can help you decide if a product is right for you. Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game Battle of Pelennor Fields. Of course, this focus is specific to games with miniatures in them, be it a board game or miniatures game. There are some interesting miniatures here, but not all of them are safe for work. Our Customers Make All This Possible-   THANK YOU!. Here is a new Canadian Company that sells its own rulesets as well as terrain and miniatures by other companies. Now, these companies cannot be just retailers. They hope to re-open sometime in the future, but there is no firm date stated on the web-page. One stop online shop for gaming miniatures ranging from 3mm to 28mm. Make your fleet truly stand out on the waves! Fantastic realism is the best description of what Dark Sword Miniatures has become known for over the past 18 years as we approach 1,000 miniatures in our ranges. Link to their Sponsorship Page on Must Contain Minis. 28MM Scaled Miniatures, 10 Unique Designs, Bulk Unpainted, … C$180.00 C$153.00. On their site you can find links to their free ebook rules and their online store. I included it on the list because of the volume of miniatures that they produce. 5 out of 5 stars (1,819) 1,819 reviews $ 5.00.

[/caption] After this review, I chatted to the company and they sent me some pieces for review. Just check out that setup on my hobby desk!!!

[[image|2|5]] In response to the recent flurry of emails from customers inquiring about the status of their orders, AB now strongly recommends you select the tracked option when ordering from overseas. I mean, just take a look at that ship! Their games include Heavy Gear Blitz, Heavy Gear Arena, Badlands Rally, Jovian Wars, and Gear Krieg. Below is the list of the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies of which I know. Whether you’re playing Games Workshop Age of Sigmar, Frostgrave, Mordhiem, historicals or any other 28mm tabletop miniature game we make terrain that will add realism and enhance your gaming experience! [caption id="attachment_2012" align="aligncenter" width="640"] This is XOLK’s Normand House in Ruins. This section of the site contains all of our Battle Reports. I went online searching “Canadian Miniature Manufacturers” and “Canadian Miniature Companies” and came up with mostly retail stores. There is a lot of potential in this one and I look forward to the game’s release. When they first came on the scene, this company was called Pulp Miniatures. eCommerce Software by 3dcart. For the price I paid, the value was great and the buildings look fantastic. I hope this website will help readers make sure that the products they buy will meet their expectations. Sort by Bard 28mm Bard 28mm $14.90 Buy Now. They must be manufacturers in some way. Legions IV Hire has 1/285 scale modern and WW2 miniatures, as well as warships in 1/2400 scale. For those interested, Okumarts has their own forums pages too.

More. Our 28mm terrain and scenery category features both Sci-Fi and historical terrain products for tabletop games and wargaming. You will need a 3D printer to use this company, but they also have licensed printers that can print the terrain off for you. If you want to support Must Contain Minis, you can buy their products through DriveThruRPG. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Hero Forge is an online character design application that lets users create and buy customized tabletop miniatures and statuettes. They have Legions of Steel on they go now and dice trays that you can buy.

Commission Painters (unless you manufacture products too). Okumarts is a Canadian Company that specializes in Paper Miniatures. You must sell miniatures related products that you make or design in Canada. NEW! Merchant vessels were not designed for combat.

He does take commission work and you may recognize the ship from my review article.

It is a lot of fun in a cheesy and zany way. You buy by email.

What are we doing? Now, these are in addition to the ones listed under Full Systems. Paladin 28mm Paladin 28mm $14.90 Buy Now. The following companies make their own terrain, but are profiled under Full Systems.

I can be reached by E-Mail or through the Must Contain Minis Facebook Page. All the figures come from the talented hand of sculptor Mike Owen. That said, I do try my best to make sure that all of the minis I play miniatures with are painted. RSS. They sent us a Review Copy along with two expansions before the Kickstarter for their Second Printing. They have sponsored tournaments and even been very active in the promotion of Warlords of Erehwon. More Announcements Soon Regarding 3dPrint Models! What are we doing? They are located on Canada’s West Coast. AW Miniatures’ figures are sold unpainted unless otherwise stated. [caption id="attachment_7385" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] A look at my HobbyZone for building and painting miniatures. They have some really nice looking models. Call us on 01636 526 886 to place an order over the phone and arrange collection from our shop in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

I will be keeping this page up-to-date by checking links and adding to it as I learn of new companies. I also paint miniatures too. Where our miniatures are sold in packs we are unable to vary the contents of the pack. German Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers II... German Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers I... German Afrika Korps Rifles III 28mm WWII... German Afrika Korps Rifles II 28mm WWII... German Afrika Korps Rifles I 28mm WWII... German Afrika Korps Sub-Machine Guns I... German Afrika Korps Officers - N.C.O.s... German Afrika Korps MG-34 MMG Team 28mm... German Afrika Korps Mortar Team 28mm WWII... German Waffen SS MG42 LMG Redeploying 2... German Waffen SS MG42 HMG Mode Firing 28mm... German Waffen SS MG42 HMG Redeploying 28mm... German MG42 HMG Mode Deployed 28mm WWII... German Fallschirmjager Night Jagers! Infinite Dimensions Games is yet another 3D design company that makes me wish that I had a 3D printer. Check out our 28mm terrain buildings like factory ruins and accessories like objective markers, crates, and barrels. RM Printable Terrain specializes in 3D printable terrain of all sorts. They make the miniatures for Frostgrave and many other cool games. He is excellent at painting large groups of soldiers and the prices he told to me have always been very competitive. They produced their first game as a historical 32mm 16th century pirate game. Fat Dragon Games Posts…. Buy painted and unpainted miniatures. Link to Eric Hotz Paper Terrain on DriveThruRPG. All I had to do was pull out the little bits of foam, which didn't require a knife and can be easily reassembled, and I … Infinite Black and RAINN Studios have been fairly supportive of Must Contain Minis. View More . Sadly enough, COVID-19 encouraged me to create this page. Select: * Quantity: + …

Lovely and dangerous cats are here! In fact, I even placed an order with one of them.

That said, I understand that their shipping rates are pretty good within North America. I even tried my hand at one of his games, Darkfast Dungeons.


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