1990s interior design tv shows
There’s not necessarily a clear-cut start or finish: they overlap with past years, and also come with their own modern twist. Bah, humbug. What can I say?

Netflix’s 12-part series Amazing Interiors reveals some of the world’s most remarkable interiors hiding behind unremarkable exteriors. My House is Falling Down is a show on Channel hosted by Sarah Beeny. This show is good to watch if you’re redesigning your home as there are plenty of things you can get ideas from! Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. How To Choose The Best Hallway Runners For Your Home, How To Choose The Best Kids Rugs For Your Child’s Bedroom. The show is a phenomenon for a reason: co-hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines have the warm dynamic and easy rapport we want to see from a collaborative couple, and their impressive track record of overhauling homes in Waco, Texas, has turned them into household names with their own home goods empire. So scroll on through the list as I unveil 10 of my fave interior design TV shows.

I have to admit, I’ve been binge watching loads of interior design TV shows during isolation. In each episode, a new location is introduced and this location usually contains a distinctive form of architecture. The presenter visits again once the architecture is made watertight, and the first and second fixes have commenced. Visiting remarkable homes built in the mountains, forests, coasts and even underground locations around the world. This series follows former Queer Eye comrades Carson Cresley and Thom Felicia, and showcases the homes they transform for clients. Now I know what you’re thinking, but trust me when I say that this series has been the best of the lot. A computer visualisation of the intended project is shown. These people then turn unconventional things, such as old boats into incredible places to live! Hi Charlotte, we have listed these programmes because they are classics and from what we’ve seen of them, they are very inspiring for home decor However, we will look into updating this piece with current tv shows too. Featuring the enterprising and entertaining Scott Brothers (Drew and Jonathan), the duo uses their expertise as a realtor and a contractor, they have been helping families renovate, sell, and purchase houses. Every single home featured in this series looks perfectly ordinary from the outside. But ….

Doing exactly what it says in its title, Amazing Interiors takes you around the world to showcase different design projects. I’ve even been re-watching shows I’ve already seen tonnes of times. Tips include advising on paid advertisements and certain elements and amenities that make the home more valuable to renters.

i found it very interesting and used the inspiration from the interior design show. It consists of Clarke visiting different places to meet new people. Stylist’s Jazmin Kopotsha is unabashedly obsessed with this series, and it’s not hard to see why. Of all the interior design TV shows here, this is a long-running staple I’m sure you need no introduction to. This series premiered in late 2018 and I binged watched it in one weekend. Of course, that before of that you should know the person customs, lifestyle and taste when it comes to interior design.

Need some interior design inspiration for your home? So after reading all of that, you’ve got enough hours of interior design TV shows to last you a lifetime! Each episode is dedicated to fully transforming a single property from the inside out, with makeovers ranging from country cottages to boat houses. Then try streaming one of these home makeover shows on Netflix. THESE MODERN DINING TABLES ARE A JOY TO OUR EYES! The starting point for a home makeover, could be this previous cleaning of  every space to just begin. McCloud also brings the episode to a close summarising the house, its construction, and his opinions. Throughout the series we watch teams of amateur designers fight to win the grand prize of a luxury apartment in Kuala Lumpur. But Mate & Jeremiah will help you find the balance that you need. In October 2015, The Big Build‘s “Veterans Village” special achieved a 34% audience share (with viewing figures of 9.6 million). This show is perfect for people watching at home as these spaces often have a particular emphasis on the creative use of small spaces. Some well-known shows include Dream Home Abroad, The Great British Property Scandal, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and Old House New Home. One to watch over and over again how many times as you might feel like. After this happened, the show became a one-hour programme. I also enjoy Selling Houses Australia. The World’s Most Extraordinary Properties. But I had to include it in the list because it really is quite entertaining. Interior design show on the Discovery Channel. At the end of each programme,  Linda will reveal how much they’ve spent and exactly how much their house is worth now.

With Leslie Erganian, Kathy Ireland, Ryan Patrick Kelly, Kurt Koehler.

This one is far more architectural than it is decorating, but it’s still worth the watch if you like to get a glimpse into the architecture process. There have even been episodes in which sheds have featured, so there can be plenty to learn! Episodes usually follow a certain format, with variations depending on the progress of the build. These participants, or contestants, have 2 different challenges. Because they're not working with limitless funds, the team gets pretty savvy with their sourcing.

Unlike the usual series, the celebrities competed individually rather than as a team. Account active

Interior design shows on Netflix: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo If your home is more in need of a mass decluttering session than a DIY makeover, turn to Marie Kondo ’s series.

With that in mind, then, here are just some of our favourite home makeover shows, all of which are available to stream now.

Thankfully, Netflix is brimming with interior design shows to turn to for inspiration.

We’ve seen a lot of the 80s these past couple of years (neon, Southwestern style), much of which is still with us today. This one had it all: quirky designers, interpersonal conflicts between neighbors, beautiful makeovers, and not-so-beautiful makeovers. In more recent series, McCloud revisits past unfinished builds once they have been completed and may even stay overnight! Not only is this show hilarious, the transformations are quite bold and rather beautiful. However, this home improvement show is hard to watch in retrospect knowing that hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa ultimately divorced. That’s the first reasons to add this to your must watch tv shows. More than an entertainment tv show, trading spaces is a real challenge: two teams, two days, a budget. I am passionate about Homes and Interior Design and have sourced over 22,000 rugs from around the world around our core values that represent Style, Quality and Exceptional value for money. That is what this show represents: get into a space and make that hard decision of keeping it or rid off that decorative object that just doesn’t make sense but you want for keeping the memories alive.


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