12 volt battery voltage readings

All Lead acid batteries (Gel, AGM, Flooded, Drycell, etc) are made up of a series of 2.2 volt cells that are bridged together in series to reach their final desired voltage.

The voltage doesn’t have to differ much from 12.6v for it to indicate a discharged battery. When they connect their tester on a half charged battery, they will see a much lower Voltage because they are also drawing a very high current (A) and such having the real measure of the power (W) that the battery can still provide. Si votre batterie est en bon état, le voltage devrait se situer entre 12,4 et 12,7 V. Une valeur inférieure à 12,4 indique que votre batterie a besoin d'être chargée. At 12.4 volts, a car battery is 75% charged while at … What about stop/start batteries? Once the engine is running the power for your cars electrical systems is provided by the alternator. The above chart gives an indication of what the voltage should be at different states of charge and operating conditions. If you go above that threshold, then you have yourself a possibly “dead” battery—in another sense.

If your battery reads 12.9, you are at risk for sulfating, which can cause all sorts of problems which are wear and tear in a relationship.

Voltages and Specific Gravity are listed for a 6-volt or 12-volt battery, and battery banks of 24 and 48 volts. Notice 100% is given as an open cell voltage and all other as under load. Since it is handy to take these measurements at home, the guide is written to use a simple multimeter. Just have a conductance test performed on the battery. All Lead acid batteries (Gel, AGM, Flooded, Drycell, etc) are made up of a series of 2.2 volt cells that are bridged together in series to reach their final desired voltage. Email Email address should be formatted user@domain.com (will not be published). A meter reading of 12.2 volts or 12.0 volts will indicate a charge rate of 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

What is the voltage of a “dead” 12-volt battery is different from what is the maximum charging voltage of a 12-volt battery—11.9 and 13.2 are numbers you want to watch out for in the future. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, Battery University.com: Charging the Lead Acid Battery. Insert the red lead for the voltmeter into the connector identified as “Volts.” Place the black lead for the meter into the connector marked as “com.” Turn the switch on the meter to the position of “DC Volts.”.

What would the car battery voltage be of different battery technologies? Many Manufactures require dealers to use the Midtronics GR8 to test batteries. You’re a working pro, with time constraints and the most modern instruments. Battery Myth | Why is My 12 Volt Battery Reading as 13 Volts? But turn it off and take the batteries out and they’ll show 0.8V or even a higher while they really are depleted. It’s the tried and true method, for well over 100 years. Cheers. Eg what would the voltage be for me to class the battery as “dead”? Required fields are marked *.

The voltage reading of 12.4 volts will indicate that the battery is only 75 percent charged. Puis vérifiez à nouveau. A battery is at twenty-five percent or low voltage at around 12.0

The open top or maintainable battery allows the user to check and add fluid to the battery. Remember, a most common problem you want to avoid when it comes to voltage and battery lifespan is discharge (the early death), and so long as you to do not go at 11.7 or below that, you have a chance for a quick recharge—a quick “revival”—and a quick comeback. Here is a quick breakdown on the spectrum of voltage ranges: 1. Playing in between the voltage charge ratings between 12.1 volts to 12.9 is a safe place—12.4 being an ideal to keep maintenance. What Is The Use Of A Car Battery Voltage Test? You then need to leave your engine off for at least an hour, this will give you the ‘open circuit’ voltage. I never realised it was something worth getting checked, but I’ll be popping down to my local garage to get it done. Kinda like you don’t have to have a $200 socket set for a home owner. How can i fix this problem? – This problem is why people get a reminder that they should (and you should) keep a cleaning session in good stead because if it is not the battery, it is most likely the terminal. Maybe the alternator isn’t working and it isn’t getting a charge.


Should contain only letters, numbers, and (' - .)! I’m not disputing that it is 50% down, but “logic” says that the .5v difference is nothing to worry about. At 12.2v the battery is in effect 50% discharged. The easiest way to solve your problem with the least amount of aggravation is to Simply take the battery and have it tested and go from there.

I recently bought one for about same price as you. It's a good place to start, though. Your email address will not be published. When you start your car, the battery provides the necessary power to the starter motor to turn over the engine. BUT, if a battery has been in “discharge” for a very long time, then “dead” as we know it is the state of the battery and it will be tough to “revive” that battery. Your email address will not be published. . Follow the battery manufacturer's specifications and maintenance details whenever servicing any lead acid battery. We were using hand-held conductance testers in the 1990’s, they can be difficult to get a “failed” reading to get a warranty code for replacement. For lead-acid chemistry, as in a car battery, think 13.6 volts So, what are the voltage ranges we need to know about more? The SLA is just as the name applies; it allows no access to check the level of battery fluid inside each individual battery cell.

But first, a few important notes and caveats…

How To Use A 12V Lead Acid Battery Charging Voltage Well, Specific Problems With A Car Battery Voltage Drop Under Load, The Benefits Of A Car Battery Voltage Fully Charged, The Optimal BMW Battery Voltage Range For Performance. I never used one of these before, but figured I wasted this trip. Below is a procedure to verify the 50% mark and table 2 gives approximate cut-off voltages at various state of charge. What is the voltage of a “dead” 12-volt battery, you ask—that is what this piece wants you to find out, so read on. Required fields are marked *. Went through this just a month or so ago actually. Components That Make Up Car Battery Voltage And Amperage. In this article we discuss the car battery voltage in a ‘traditional’ combustion engine vehicle, none of that new-fangled space age electric car stuff for us (at least not for this guide!). Check the battery voltage again, if it is still below 12.4v it is worth taking it to a garage to get professionally checked. I threw my hydrometer out probably ten years ago. To get a good reading of the voltage of a battery, it is best that you go through it with a voltmeter, which can be in purchase from different auto-part shops as well as different retail stores or specialty shop like Batteries Plus.

I haven’t tested the electrolyte in a battery in over thirty years, or done a load test on a battery in over ten years. Understanding at what point it is in a charge cycle is important when determining what the voltage should be. Always charge any lead acid battery in a well ventilated area. How Many Volts Does A Car Battery Need To Start? The water level will need periodically checking. It is worth keeping a noted of the voltage readings so you can compare them overtime.


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